Residential WiFi & Network Solutions

Slow Home Wifi, Northern Ireland

Do you have slow WiFi at home?

Do you have a WiFi signal that doesn’t stretch throughout your home?

Well thankfully, you’ve come to the right place!

If you are reliant on a ‘one size fits all’ solution router that your ISP supplied you with, you are always going to have a problem with your WiFi.

That router is really only the starting point. What you need to do once that has been installed is figure out how you and your family are going to utilise this broadband connection throughout the entire property. Your home network needs to be set up in a way that will allow everyone to use it, at the same time even if everyone is in a different part of the house. It would be normal for a family of four to have over forty devices connected to the WiFi at any one time. In fact, we have installed a lot of full home WiFi solutions that are supporting north of one hundred connected devices. These numbers are just rising and rising due to nearly every electrical or electronic device requiring a connection to your network.

That ‘one size fits all’ solution router your ISP provides you with cannot support that many devices, however, our full home WiFI & network solutions can!

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