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Data, WiFi & Fibre

At this lovely new build property we originally carried out a WiFi 6 Installation in the Garage/Annex along side a Fibrus Gigabit FTTH connection. This was because the customer was living in the space while the main house was being built.

When we returned to carry out the installation on the Main House our first priority was to relocate the incoming Fibre from the Annex into the new comms cabinet location. As we have all the relative fibre tooling and training there was no need to book an appointment with Fibrus to have this done by them and we could complete this in house for the customer. Our second challenge was then to get a connection from the comms cabinet to the now disconnected Annex PoE switch. For this we used the fibre that had been ran down previous for the Fibrus connection and spliced on our own connections. Now the customer has Gigabit Fibre Broadband right to his Comms Cabinet then a Fibre Link to his Garage/Annex.

To Finish this off we installed an additional three UniFi WiFi 6 access points throughout the property and installed a comms cabinet that is ready to have the utility room cabinets fitted round it and a new socket installed to hide the power which will have it out of the way but still looking pretty.