Full Home WiFi Solution

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Broughshane, Ballymena


WiFi Installation

Another Starlink satellite broadband connection with a full home WiFi solution completed today in Broughshane.

This house previously had two broadband connections running, one with standard BT that was coming in at 6Mbps download speed and a 4g solution that was better in terms of speed but not so much on the reliability or the consistency front.

As our client has followed the page for a while and knew he definitely needed some help getting a good strong WiFi signal throughout the house but as well as that, wanted to know if I had any suggestions to help him get better broadband. So I suggested Starlink and I’m pretty sure it won’t be something he regrets. Consistent download speeds of up to 250Mbps today which could also increase and that speed is distributed everywhere in the house through four properly networked WiFi access points