Church WiFi Upgrade for Streaming

Church WiFi, Templepatrick




WiFi Installation

Going to mass, whatever your religion or denomination is, isn’t the same anymore. Faith is a big part of a lot of people’s lives and being unable to go and worship at your local church can really negatively affect people.

Not even just going to mass on Sunday. I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation of late, where you haven’t been allowed to attend a wedding, christening or funeral due to restrictions.

Well since all of this, a lot of churches have went to the effort of giving people the option to attend virtually. Some of these churches may have a handyman or caretaker that isn’t technically minded but knows enough to try and get something set up. We’re talking cameras to install to go live, screens to project the image, a reliable internet connection to cope with the demand of going live, a sound system and lots of wiring to be done.

This was the kind of system that we helped set up in Templepatrick this week. They already had the cameras, AV and audio stuff, they just needed help with a reliable broadband connection and a WiFi and network solution.

They were initially doing these live streams using a standard 3 sim card in a Huawei router inside the church, which has large thick stone walls. I think the download speeds were about 3Mbps with really poor latency. But they could only get WiFi where this router was plugged in. However, there was the main church, a huge church hall, a games room, a committee room, 2 x separate office spaces and a church manse. They needed access to WiFi everywhere!

Well that’s what they got! 💯

EE mobile broadband running at 50Mbps download speed with very good latency, a reliable WiFi connection everywhere throughout the site courtesy of 8 x WiFi access points and a wireless point to point link out to the separate church manse 👌