Car Showroom with CCTV, WiFi and Fibre

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WiFi, IP CCTV, Fibre

If you’ve been following our stories recently, I’m sure you’re aware that we’ve been busy finishing off phase 2 of a big installation we started a couple of weeks ago at a car showroom and external workshop on an industrial estate in Mallusk.

Phase 1 consisted of a full WiFi and network solution for the car showroom and IP CCTV cameras installed throughout the showroom internally and externally. As we knew we would be going back to add in a WiFi and network solution for the external workshop as well as a lot more IP cameras, we pulled in a fibre optic cable between the two buildings through underground ducting so we could link them together when we returned.

So that’s where we started with phase 2. The fibre optic cable was run through the workshop to its final destination which would be the comms cabinet where it would be fusion spliced in a fibre tray in the cabinet. Then the fibre would plug into one of the SFP ports on the switch which was to be installed in the cabinet, in the workshop, allowing us to trunk the showroom switch and the workshop switch together. 1Gbps speeds everywhere over fibre

We then cabled and installed another 2 WiFi access points in the workshop as well as a couple of data points in the workshop office to provide PoE and data for a workstation and a VoIP phone. There was also 10 VoIP handsets dotted throughout the showroom which were all running off our PoE ethernet ports.

Up next we had to cable and install another 12 IP cameras internally and externally over at the workshop which were going to be part of the same CCTV system already up and running in the showroom. There was already 16 cameras live on the system over there.

We managed to take this all to completion today and I’m very happy with the end result. It may not have been our biggest project to date but it’s definitely up there. From planning to design to deployment, everything carried out by ourselves.

Being able to make the decision to run fibre optic cabling throughout a big site, install it, splice it, terminate it, test it and commission it is definitely a game changer for us