Business Centre Fault Finding and WiFi Installation

Business WiFi Installations, Co Antrim




WiFi, Data, Fault Finding

WiFi and network upgrade carried out this week up in Coleraine.
We were initially referred to this client by someone who follows our work and has referred some other work our way, so thanks for that, you know who you are 😉
Our client already had a few other companies out but to be honest, they could never help him get to the bottom of the consistent network and WiFi outages that were happening on a daily basis and really affecting the companies based in this building.
As with a lot of businesses, server rooms and comms cabinets can often end up like this with people coming in and patching in new things and not removing redundant patch connections. Then other people come and add more equipment and don’t remove the outdated equipment so it ends up a bit of a mess.
The main reason for the majority of the faults was the cabling. There were multiple loops going between all sorts of routers and switches, which was just confusing everything 🤦‍♂️
We did what we could in a few days and straight away, we were starting to hear positive feedback from the people on site 👏
We’ve added in a couple of UniFi PoE switches and six UniFi WiFi6 access points, all hosted on our cloud server for complete remote WiFi and network maintenance and management by ourselves.
We will also return to help our client manage the network on site too and make sense of it all but for the meantime, our work is done